The Life Lessons I’ve Learned in My First 14 Years as a Realtor.


Over the Course of the Last 14 Years the Real Estate Market, and My Life Have Been Through Some Significant Undulations With Many Highs and a Few Lows.

What I’ve Come to Understand Is That This Career in Many Ways Is a Metaphor for Life. The Following Is What I’ve Learned Over the Last 14 Years and How It’s Changed My Perspective on Living and on My Purpose.
I’ve learned that just like the tide rolls in and rolls out, the market will go up and go down. You need to prepare for the down times while living through the up times.

I’ve learned that we are here to serve others and they are not here to serve us. You need to serve your clients without regard to your own schedule and without expectation. I’ve also learned that serving is not a 9:00-5:00 job but is a lifestyle that you must embrace. Serving the community, serving at church, and serving outside of our comfort zones is just has important.

I’ve learned that what works today may not necessarily work tomorrow. Things change and you must be flexible and embrace the change.

I’ve learned that people in this industry tend to flock towards the latest thing and spend widely with the hope that it’s a “Silver Bullet” for making money. The desire for a “Silver Bullet” must not distract you because it doesn’t and will never exist. Don’t be a sheep! Create a plan, stay focused, ignore the noise, and work hard for your clients!

I’ve learned that your clients can also be your friends. It’s okay to approach your business with a love for those you serve.

I’ve learned that my very favorite thing is a call that goes like this: “Hi, my name is ____ and I was referred to you by _________”

I’ve learned that not all clients are alike and that it’s okay to walk away from someone that you don’t feel right about. Life is to short to work with peoplewho do not respect what you do and who you are.

I’ve learned that your business does much better and is much more enjoyable if you’re being true to who you are and not pretending to be who your not. The people that hire you want to work with you and not someone you’re pretending to be. I also believe that your life becomes much more difficult and tiring when you’re not being true to who you are and what you stand for. I know that each one of us is perfectly made to do what we are called to do, and every day that you’re pretending to be something that you’re not is one day less that you have to be the person you are intended to be and to realize the greatness that’s inside of you.

(This is a BIG one) I’ve learned that setbacks and failures are to be embraced and are blessings in disguise as long as you look at them as an opportunity to improve. There will always be struggles however you cannot build muscle without a little pain and stress. No Olympic Athlete ever won a Gold medal by being comfortable. The very nature of training is to stretch and push and to make you uncomfortable. It’s only in the failure and struggle that greatness arises.

I’ve learned that we are abundantly blessed to be living in this amazing country and that you can’t take anything for granted. Give freely of your time, give freely of your resources, be in a state of gratitude for all you have, love your family and friends deeply and unconditionally, have empathy for those less fortunate and do what you can to give a hand up to those who are going through hard times.

I’ve learned that people do the best they can with what they know. Rarely do people lash out because of something you specifically did but more likely because of many others things that you’re not aware of. Don’t take things to personally, keep your ego in check, show compassion to those who are having difficulties.

I’ve learned that life is not about accumulating monetary wealth but is actually about accumulating moments and memories. Slow down and be present. Take in what’s around you. Get off the phone and say hi to someone. It’s not just about creating memories for you but it’s what memories you create for others that are most important.

I’ve learned that running from what you fear will cause great anxiety, stress, and a blow to your confidence level. You must run towards what frightens you and confront it head on. I’ve found that good usually comes from the times that you can overcome your fear and do your job as uncomfortable as it may be.

God Bless!


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